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BCP11 Fair Trade

Today's post is just a short thank you to the students of Scott Goranson, orchestra director at Davis High School. It was incredibly fun to visit their classroom today, and trade first performances - I did a little trial run of the beginning of the Beethoven, and they played the Lullabye for me that they've been working on for a couple weeks. They sounded fabulous!

I love orchestra kids (having been one myself). Like we talked about together today, there are so many places kids can choose to spend their time, groups they can align themselves with, and to choose to apply yourself day after day to a difficult musical instrument dating from centuries ago is pretty phenomenal, if you ask me. These kids almost all started playing in the public school, and when I asked what made them want to try at first, a lot of them said they had just always wanted to play a stringed instrument, had always been curious. I can't tell you how this makes my heart swell - YES, these instruments are full of potential and beauty, and that still nabs young people with open hearts, even today!

Tomorrow is my first rehearsal of the concerto with the orchestra, finally. All the work is about to be tested. Time to get to sleep, make sure my body is rested and my brain is focused for this colossal piece of music to come together tomorrow.

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